Clean your computer

Although you may be nervous about cleaning your computer, it needs to occur.  A standard home vacuum cleaner works in most cases if you use a dust attachment.

Computer Cleaning and maintenance - Vail Colorado

Dust accumulation around a cooling fan.

Guidelines to cleaning your computer

  1. Turn the equipment off – turn off our computer or television and ensure that it is not connected to power.  This helps to ensure you don’t get shocked or cause an issue with electrical discharge.
  2. Be gentle – take it easy if you vacuum your system or keyboard.  Do not vacuum your monitor as you may accidentally scratch it.
  3. Use correct cleaning solution – only use a cleaning solution that is labelled appropriately and that your computer retail outlet recommends.
Many of you might use ‘canned air’ for dust removal.  We find that if you’re not careful, you might accidentally dispense the liquid component of the material.  We have not see any issues from such, but wanted to mention that the vacuum approach seems to do a better job of REMOVAL while ‘canned air’ seems to send the dust further into the system which you are actually trying to clean.