Managing your purchase

After the purchase of a computer

If you decided to purchase a new computer or technical component, ensure you do what we call ‘managing the purchase’.

Recently we received a laptop in a box that looked like the following.  In the end, the laptop did not work on a wireless connection and we sent it back (as the process to get support was too costly for our client).  Our advice after an hour of trying to use the equipment was to send it back and start over!

This box had a laptop inside...

The laptop that came in this box, ultimately, did not work.

By this, we mean that it’s imperative that you check your equipment to ensure that it works properly.  If you find issues, report them to the vendor immediately.  They seem to plan on you being lazy and/or forgetting.  Don’t fall prey to this as you will inevitably regret it.

If you have a warranty on your equipment, USE IT!  We like warranties and when we see issues we report them immediately for resolution.  You can never be sure whether or not you are working on something that would extend the life of your computer or technical component for a much longer time.

To summarize, if you notice problems, address them immediately.  In the end, you’ll most likely save a few dollars.