Printing from your iPad – AirPrint and Printopia

Now with iPads on the scene in large number, the natural progression is to ask about printing.

Today we are looking at two options (sure, there are more).  We are looking at AirPrint and Printopia.


(2/12/12) Eureka!  Printing with AirPrint is great.  Printed and email from my iPhone to a new HP AirPrint enabled printer and worked like a charm!

Requires and AirPrint enabled printer and you can print many things from your iPad to your AirPrint enabled printer.  For the list of printers that are currently known to be AirPrint capable, look here.

On the Apple web site, read about AirPrint here.


Requires that you have a Mac.   If you have a Mac, any printers on your Mac can be used by your iPad.  In this case, your Mac acts as your print server.

Link to their web site