Migrate or Transfer from Godaddy to Google Apps?

Migrate away from Godaddy solutions to Google?

Frequently there is the thought of moving from your current email or hosting provider to another (say from Godaddy to Google).  Maybe price is the reason or maybe functions are needed.

For this study, we personally looked at moving one of our domains from Godaddy to Google.  The primary motivator was to allow my partner and I to easily share a calendar.

As background, we are each iPhone users.  She uses a Windows 7 computer with Outlook for her email, calendar and contacts.  I use an iMac with Mac Mail and fantastic integration with iCloud.

Good things about moving:

1. Google Docs are quite nice to have but the format is inclined toward the Google document formats.  If it were simply a place to share your various files, that would be better.

2. There is shared calendaring

3. Email is easy to use and powerful if you want to get away from a software program and get yourself more mobile (i.e., move away from Outlook and to a web based solution).

Bad things about moving:

1. Google has no phone support.  Believe it or not, that is a real challenge when you’re having an issue.

2. The documents are in Google format which can be mentally challenging.

3. If you choose a domain during the process that you find you don’t like later, it’s not a matter of clicking a ‘change primary domain’ button (for whatever reason).  You have to create a new account and start over (losing any calendar entries or whatever that were created).

4. Web based email can’t embed pictures.  Many like to send an embedded photo inside the body of an email.  While this may have issues with other variations, Outlook does a pretty good job with this.

4. The price isn’t cheap ($50/user/year).  Godaddy blows this away.