Windows – Copy photos from SD to your Computer

Managing your photos on WindowsIf you happen to have a camera card reader in your computer (and this may work in other variations), you can copy photos to your computer in numerous ways (it depends on how comfortable you are with each method).

With Windows XP, after placing the card in the reader, you are prompted asking you ‘What do you want Windows to do?’

One of the options SHOULD BE, ‘Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard’.  Highlight/click it and select ‘OK’.

Follow the prompts and select the photos to copy to your computer (in most cases, all of them).  Name the grouping of photos and select where to store them (I recommend ‘My Pictures’ and then in a subdirectory name — an option is to name them by month/year perhaps).  If you want, you can opt to delete the photos from the camera at this point.  Finish and enjoy the photos!

If you want to clean up your camera card, you can do so through ‘My Computer’ if you are comfortable with that approach.