Webmail, Mac Mail, Outlook or other

What is the best way to manage my email?

This is a question we’ll see if we can answer by providing pros and cons of each method of managing email.  As we become more mobile in our lifestyle, it appears very smart to use Webmail rather than Mac Mail, Outlook or otherwise.  Let’s have a closer look.

Difficulties in moving from Mac Mail to Webmail

Moving your contacts can be very challenging.  However, once it’s complete you don’t have to bother with it any longer

Cons of using Webmail

Backups – you won’t have a ‘daily’ version of your backup.  You can address this by periodically exporting your contacts.  Easy to pick a day and do it (justify it by counting your savings on a program like Mozy or Carbonite).

Synchronization of your contact and calendar data to your smartphone.  Godaddy calendaring, for instance, can synchronize through Caldav functionality (which works well on my iPhone 3GS).

Amount of information stored on your WebMail account can become large if not managed.

Information, since it’s on a web site, can potentially be more exposed to security issues (though this is discussion and opinion, not proven fact).

Pros of using webmail

Management is easier (deletes show up everywhere and you’re not tied to a single computer — contacts move with you since they are on the internet)

Pros of using an application

Integrates (works) with software (i.e., Word ‘knows’ how to send a Word document through Outlook).

Cons of using an application

In cases like Outlook, you have to purchase the program.

Webmail doesn’t have all the great options of an application (thus the reason for webmail being free rather than $100).

You have to ensure your data is backed up.

There is a tendency to fill your hard drive with your accumulating email.

Responding through the internet with email generally wants to use your email program — thus it may not work.

When sending documents, you’ll need to attach them.