Impact Computers and Electronics – Do not buy from these guys

Now we’ve seen it ourselves.

Today, 8/10/12, we purchased replacement parts for a Dell laptop from a company called Impact Computers and Electronics.  We purchased two Dell parts online.  Transaction went smoothly.

3 minutes after the purchase, an attempt was made to use my credit card for a computer purchase ($500) from Dell computers.

I talked with Sales and Sales Supervision and Impact Computers denied everything — they are responsible for nothing.  It’s just a coincidence and it was our fault for being careless.

I use a Mac with Norton Internet Security installed.

It was a disgusting customer experience.  Sure, I was angry and the sales team at Impact Computers just took it personally and were of absolutely no help.

Find your parts somewhere else and shop more safely.  My credit card had to be cancelled because of this annoyance and Impact Computers took no responsibilty nor had any concern.

Needless to say, I cancelled my order.