Windows XP version of Solitaire

With Windows 8, for some reason, we have experienced increasing calls to locate the Windows XP version of Solitaire.  Personally, I think the new version in Windows 8 does not look so bad, but that is my opinion.

Apparently, we only need to copy SOL.EXE and CARDS.DLL from Windows XP (c:\windows\system32) to our Windows 8 hard drive (C) and then run it.


Put both files in the same folder, but don’t put them into the System32 folder ’cause they’ll wipe out the Windows 7 version of the program.

To run the program, just double-click the “Sol.exe” file. You can create a shortcut to the file on your desktop or pin the program to the taskbar or start menu.


cards.dll (will need to rename it once downloaded to cards.dll — currently has a TXT file extension).