January 2013 – Web Sites for everyone?

Vail Colorado - Computer Repair and Support, Web Site Design and DevelopmentI want a web site for my business!

With the ever growing fact that people are looking for what they need on the internet, it’s only natural that you want your place on the internet when they are looking!  And you want them to find you among all of the competition!

It can seem like you are looking for a far away destination that no one has ever crossed or visited.  Not to worry.

It’s certainly possible to accomplish the task.  As we find ourselves consulting with clients about their  various technological tasks, we remind them of the fact that technology just isn’t perfect.  The quicker we all accept such, the better we’ll feel — and operate.

Our office

We work on our web site ourselves and have time to add new information as we find it.  Some of our web sites and pages were setup with Dreamweaver and some are setup with WordPress.  We use Dreamweaver when something on a web page needs to be positioned in a particular location.  We use WordPress when we find that clients prefer to update their web site themselves (change data, photos, text, etc).

The Basics of web sites

There are various parts to your web site or web page.  Here are some of the items to consider when you are getting ready to either create a web site for your business or if you want to hire someone to help.
  • Hosting
  • The information that will be on your site
  • Organizing the information so your clients can find what they need
  • Are you selling products?
  • Colors and how the site will look
  • Are you wanting to update the web site yourself?
  • Search Engine Related work for the site
  • Search Engine ‘campaigns’ to generate traffic
  • other…

What we’ve seen so far

Many know they need a web site or a web page for their business as it gives them some degree of legitimacy.  Many have an assumption that if the web site or web page is present on the internet that high levels of business for them will emerge.  The best solutions come from the business owner deciding on the basics of what they would like to have the web site or page look like and then partnering with a web designer (a.k.a., web developer, page designer, web site business, etc) to do the work of programming, photo manipulation, content authoring and site setup.

To consider as you go forward

Updating your web site information – people visit web sites that have what they need and sites that provide them with new information regularly.  Keeping the information updated can be a big challenge as we observe the many people are busy running their business and do not have the time to update their web site.

Marketing – when you have your web site created and ready to go, it’s important to let your existing clients know about it.  Also, ask them to tell their friends about it plus alert anyone that might be willing to include a link to your site on their web site (linking is a good way to build ‘credibility’).

Avoid the pitfalls of ‘do-it-yourself’ – while anyone can purchase the parts at Home Depot to repair their kitchen sink drain, it’s not always a great idea for us to do some things on our own.  While it may work, it may not look very nice or work as it should — and lead to problems later (i.e., poorly setup web sites can be slow and never found by anyone using Google or other search engines).

Consider that people look for you on various technology – today people look for hair salons, technical support, real estate and other things on their smart phone, tablet or computer.  You want to have the information on your web site display in a way on their  device in a way that makes them happy and then contacts you.

We would love to talk with you about what you want to do for your business in the web site are.  Call us today.