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To get support from Dell or to find software for your Dell computer, you need a piece of information called your ‘Service Tag’.  Though strangely named, it’s a key to great information for your technical needs.

In the ‘old’ days (had har), the Service Tag information was included in the ‘Help’ information in Windows.  Thus, it was easily found when you needed to have your computer checked.  Most of the time there is a sticker on the computer with the information BUT the computer is generally under a table and you just don’t want to crawl under there to retrieve it.

With Vista (we believe), it is no longer included in the Windows Help information (why? because it must require additional labor to put the information in the Windows OS) and you have to find it yourself.

So if you are on the phone with Dell OR if your friendly technician asks for the information, you can get it for them.

First, click on the Windows start ‘bubble’ (where the old “START” button used to be) and in the ‘Search programs and files’ box, enter CMD.

You should see CMD.EXE underneath the area labelled PROGRAMS.  Click on it and you’ll be taken to a new window (black background with white text).

From this window, a CMD prompt, enter the following:

C:\>wmic bios get serialnumber

While this information works on all Windows systems, on a Dell system it will provide you with the Service Tag (on an HP desktop, it provides you with the computer serial number).

Once you have the information, you can use it on the Dell Web site for maintenance and support or provide it to your computer repair person to allow them to help you along your way.

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