May 2014 – Keep your computer clean and happy

My computer is slow and noisy!

Every day we receive phone calls requesting immediate on-site repair for a computer, network or other technical problem.  Even though your computer is not the most important part of your business (perhaps!) it is a real problem when it isn’t working.

Keep in mind, we cannot resolve broken parts or power failures from a distant location — to our knowledge, no one can do that.  If you challenge is problem with your software or settings however (and many problem fall into this category), it’s certainly possible to get you going again.  With the magic of the internet (and an annual investment on our part) we can be on-site on the same day you need — BUT, you will have to be patient and help us get connected.

Remote Computer Repair – Some words to know

When you consider having someone repair your computer AND that person is not in your physical presence, some terms may come up that you need to understand:

  • Session – a technical term relating to the connection between your computer and the person helping you
  • Remote control – applies to the situation where the person helping you is not in your home or office (as in, they are remote from you)

Repair my computer – from somewhere else?

Fortunately there has been technology around for years that allows one person to view (and control) another person’s computer – we used this type of technology in the 80s!  For our part, it gets better every year.  Our software allows you to visit our web site, download a program (and specify a few settings) and then have your support case handled by us — from our office.

Is remote computer repair dangerous?

Generally, allowing someone you know or trust to work on your computer is not dangerous.  However, NEVER allow someone that calls you on the phone to setup a remote control or support ‘session’ on your computer.  Many scams start this way and you may incur charges if you allow someone to ‘help’ you with a problem.

Does remote computer repair save me on repair costs?

Providing your problem can be resolved with a remote support, the costs should be less than for an on-site visit.  This thought is based on the fact that your support and repair call should then not include and travel charges or additional support time related to

Remote computer repair does not always work

Remote computer support is a great idea and works in many cases – we are not tracking it, but it seems that we solve some 80-90% of our client issues this way.  If remote repair does not work AND if your technical support person is local, you’ll then have the option of the person visiting your home.


Having someone repair your computer problem is the real solution to your problem.  You should not care if the person is at your home or office or at theirs.  It’s a good idea to only work with people that you trust and with people who have a reason to be helping you remotely.  Just use common sense when clicking the buttons that allow someone to repair your computer from their office.  Call or contact us if you have questions.  We are happy to help.

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