Office 365 Starting Point

Office 365What is Office 365 you ask? It is a new solution (2014 and 2015) that uses the power of cloud productivity, with businesses of all sizes, to save time and money and free up valuable resources (rid yourself, in some cases, of an on premises server for instance).

Office 365 brings cloud versions of Microsoft’s trusted communications and collaboration software together with its familiar Office Professional Plus desktop suite. Office 365 is designed to help meet IT (computer related) needs for robust security, 24/7 reliability and user productivity.

Personal or Business

There are two versions of the product or ‘solution’.  One is for personal use that is in place with current ‘hotmail’, MSN or other Microsoft email services. The other is a ‘business’ version that you would use for your personalized business account.  The solutions are similar in the way they look and operate yet the pricing is the biggest difference.  For the personal version, most pay nothing.  For this, you get a good solution yet you are testing the version that is given to the business users.  It’s always been this way, so that is not a big deal.

The primary thing to know is if you have highly important information that you fear losing, ensure you keep a copy somewhere.  We find that using OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) for storage works reasonably well (unless you are a Mac user – it’s annoying in a way but it works).  So, place your information on OneDrive and then keep a local backup – just in case you need it.

How to decide about the purchase