April 2016 – Web mail or Outlook

Vail Computer Repair | Web Mail

Should you use web mail or a program on your computer like Outlook?  You hate reading this, but – it depends.

Not only does it depend on how you work (do you you have one email account or more) but it also depends on your demeanor.  Can you take it when your computer locks up and your email program starts mis-behaving?

Web Mail – Pros

  • Use if from anywhere
  • Your email seems to remain intact on the web – email programs can cause issues, for instance, during creation of email messages
  • If you use it and stay with it, your contacts and calendars follow you around – versus Outlook where this inforamtion can reside on your computer ONLY
  • With some web mail options, it’s a more consistent way of using email

Web Mail – Cons

  • Depending on the provider, the layout can be confusing and weird.  So far Office 365 is one of the better versions I have seen.
  • Not easy, if even possible at all, to view multiple email accounts – especially when on multiple domains.  Doesn’t work so well for those who work on multiple businesses and need to go back and forth between different accounts.

Outlook – Pros

  • Multiple email accounts are more easily managed – a big deal when you have email accounts on multiple domains

Outlook – Cons

  • Can be slower at times
  • You can lose your settings and files – a computer crash can be a big problem depending on how you setup things