May 2016 – Email, Cloud and Phone services – which work?


email, phone, calendar and contact support


You are setting up your business or are a little frustrated with the tools you are using today.  You phone quality is not great.  Your contacts are rarely synchronized.  You miss appointments that you know are on your calendar.

e-Mail – Office 365

  • Your email should be easy to use and work great from your web mail login and from a program on your computer (i.e., Outlook or Mac Mail).
  • Your email messages should be updated on all your devices (i.e., phone, tablet and computer) without you having to update them yourself.
  • Your email storage should be large and also easy to maintain.

Contacts and Calendars – Office 365

  • Your contact and calendar information should be updated on all of your devices and quickly (within a reasonable time frame).
  • There should be minimal duplication
  • You shouldn’t have to pay extra for the service to work

Phone services – Vonage

  • Vonage – a good and low cost option for an IP phone service is through Vonage.  You purchase the service, get your phone number (or move it) and plug the device into your home or office internet connection.