Computer Network or Internet problems

Is my computer asking me to take the day off?

Vail Colorado Computer Support Repair | 81657 81620Probably not. But if you’re having a problem with your computer, you just need to look deeper for the problem.  Before that, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you can figure this out.  Yes, something might be broken, but most issues are temporary and can be repaired with a simple turning off and then turning back on – yes, it’s that simple some times.

For this case, we are going to get into some of the reasons your computer may have problems connecting to something else – a printer, a shared network drive which has your files stored on it or the internet.  Everyone has a problem from time-to-time with their internet connection OR with a connection to a computer in their home or office (for sharing files as an example).

One way this shows up is that you can’t connect to your server or shared computer.  Could be many things but these should be checked.

Some possible problems but not a complete list:

  • Your internet provider is having an issue (did you see a service truck outside your home or office recently?)
  • Your modem is having a problem (rebooting your modem helps with many internet related problems)
  • The server or shared computer may turn off for whatever reason or may not be connected to your network
  • If you have a network switch (many people do now) the switch could be off or have a problem (occasionally a switch will ‘lock up’ or develop a problem with a single port on the switch).  Turning the switch off and on may clear the problem.
  • Your computer has a temporary network problem for some reason (this may also imply that the computer can not open an web page).  Did you just install virus protection?  Do you see any messages on your computer related to your virus protection software?
  • Your network cable has a problem (they do fail over time) or your cable is loose (they loosen after enough foot tapping or when you nudge them around during cleaning)
  • A network problem with another computer or part (like a Roku box for your Netflix connection) that overwhelms the computers – thus preventing them from getting to other things.   Our Vonage phone part can become completely overwhelmed at times and cause our phones to cease working – turning it off and back on bring harmony back to our calling of friends, family and business partners.

This is not a complete list but will grow over time.  Any suggestions on additional reasons for problems would be most appreciated.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you in some way!  Share with your friends and family to help them too.

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