Office 365 – Benefits to consider

As you consider Office 365 over an existing solution, the following should be taken into account.

Office 365 subscriptions can include:

  • Fully installed Office software (word, excel, publisher) – you pay some amount for the software per user today and many seem to lose their software over time.  You can consider this a non-item since you can download the software now through your login to Office 365.  You can also consider lower support costs since each person can download the software they need and when they need it – providing the user is capable.  Also, your IT person is not searching around for discs that were misplaced.  Another benefit is that most if not all employees/users would be using the same version of software.
  • Microsoft exchange email – today it seems that providers want to cease supporting POP and IMAP protocols (the way you use and download your e-mail).  While they probably will not discontinue this service any time soon, they have already eliminated the possibility of buying it as a new service.  In our view, if your budget allows, it is not wise to remain on a product that companies want to jettison.
  • Online storage – OneDrive (allows teams to work off-site, at home, etc) providing an internet connection is available.  The value of this off-site storage option is $250/year if you consider what one pays for Carbonite Business (excluding non-profit discounts) as an example.  If you are backing up your data with a hard drive, they fail often and usually you are not backing up what you think you are anyway.  Not a comfortable feeling – for what that is worth.
  • Data backups – OneDrive solves the ongoing requirement for data backup (which breaks from time to time and is broken at the moment) as it saves file revisions on the cloud version.
  • Security – Microsoft claims that your data is secure from prying eyes providing you don’t provide open access to your files and data through specific actions.

Thanks for your time.  Please send us suggestions on more benefits or ask for clarification.

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