Office 365 – Conversion discussion

This is a discussion about how to convert from one email service provider to Office 365 services.  It is not exhaustive (but may feel exhausting!).


  • Non-profits can get a great deal with Office 365.  Be aware that the approval period takes 20 days to complete – assuming there are no problems or missing information.
  • Office 365 is not really designed for Mac OS – specifically the Business version.


  • Expect to convert from one email provider to Office 365 quickly and without planning.  You should take this time to cleanup deleted items and sent items prior to conversion – but this is not required.
  • Migrate your domain information or change DNS entries until you are truly ready to move your email accounts and data.
  • Cancel your service on the current email provider until you have moved to Office 365 and are completely confident that it is working for you.

Project Steps (not exhaustive – yet)

  • Setup an account on the Office 365 site and signup as a ‘trial user’.  This is the way everyone has to do it.  This will be a login used to administer the accounts.  At this point you are setting up a temporary domain on Office 365
  • Backup your current email data files while you are still on the current email provider.
  • Update users to ensure they are using the right domain for your business
  • Download software (if your subscription allows for it)

Steps to perform that are not yet in the correct order:

  • Add users
  • Update your DNS records (or have the Office 365 folks do it for you)