Office 365 – Financial

How do you decide if it’s right for you to buy Office 365?


Here we are talking about the risk of not using this service so that you can better understand if and how it will help you.

Losing your software – many people install their software from disc or download only to lose it later.  You can plan on this costing $100 at minimum PLUS the labor you pay if someone is helping you find the software again.

Your files are duplicated or you just don’t know where they are – with OneDrive, you’ll have a good chance of storing your items in one place rather than on multiple computers or tablets.

Losing files – we are looking into this part of OneDrive as it is not clear how the backup and restore parts of the service work.

Backup – Carbonite costs $59/user/year at this point.  If OneDrive has a backup and recovery option included (which isn’t apparent), this cost would be avoided.

Slow Internet Connection – if you move into this solution, you’ll need a fast internet connection (fast meaning that it works well enough for you not to become frustrated that your work is taking too long to complete).

All users

This is a subscription service and you’ll have to get used to paying a monthly or annual fee

Each user is given 1TB of storage for pictures, files and so on.  While the information is copied to your C drive as well as to OneDrive, you’ll have a way of your information being stored in more than one place.  Since the files are local, you can use them for such things as your screen saver and so forth.

With the subscription, you get support by phone or chat at no extra charge.  This is worth something and this value is determined per user/owner.

For home users

$10/month, $100/year if you pay for the annual subscription.

You get the full installed Office applications

You can work on multiple systems (5 PCs or Macs (Q: can you mix?), 5 tablets (including iPads) and 5 phones.

On a PC you get Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access (Windows 7 or later required).  On a Mac you get Office 2011 but there is no Mac version of Publisher or Access.

On and iPad you get Office for iPad versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  On an iPhone, you get Office for iPhone versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

1TB storage per user, up to 5 users, plus 60 Skype world minutes per month to 60+ countries

For business users

(coming soon)