Office 365 – Odd things, FAQ

Office 365 – things to know about how it works

Editing files

If you are looking at a file in the online version of Office 365, it will open in the online version of the software (i.e., if you look at a Word document in Office 365 online, it will open the document in Word Online).  Once the file is open, some elect to actually edit the file in the ‘full’ version of the software (that version installed on your computer).

Once finished with your edits, you are returned to the online version of the software and the document.  Don’t panic as the screen you are returned to is, generally, NOT the updated version of the file.  Just close and re-open the file to see the latest version.  Quirky indeed and can induce panic.

Uploading files to OneDrive

The web version of Office 365 doesn’t update in real time so you’ll need to ensure you refresh the screen regularly if you are actively copying files from a computer to your OneDrive location.

Using OneDrive for Business on a Mac

Does not work at this point.  You can login to your Office 365 account and upload/download files, but you won’t have a drive location for your business account like you do on a Windows 7 or 8 computer.

Funny enough, works ok on an iPad but there isn’t a solution for the Mac desktop and laptop world.