Battery Backup

Do I need battery backup for my computer?

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APC Back UPS - Inexpensive and rather cool to look at too!

Many people probably feel that they never have power surges or outages.  Most likely, you do have them, and just don’t notice — your computer is on, right?  I personally had my iMac fail after a power surge in my area.  There was an auto accident where some unfortunate soul slammed into a power transformer and everyone’s power was immediately dropped.  I presume a surge or the like occurred with it and my iMac hard drive was broken.

The result?  I had to pack my iMac in my car and drive 2 hours to the local Apple store for repair.  Had to leave it there and got it back 10 days later.  All because I thought I would play the odds and get a UPS ‘later’.

Timing got me in this case.  Had my iMac all setup and purchasing a UPS in the future was on my list.  The power issue occurred prior to the installation of the UPS.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Since this point, I’ve been using and APC Back-UPS unit and it has saved me on numerous occasions — you know, the famous BEEP BEEP.  There has been roadway construction and the like that has caused power outages in our area randomly.  No problems for me though with my power protection in place.

If your system investment matters, install a UPS.  Easy to do and it is cheap insurance.