Virus Notes – ‘Privacy Protection’ – November 2011

Virus Notes on ‘Privacy Protection’

Findings / references on our experience:

  1. Completely disabled the internet connection.  Took control of the system and had the user thinking that everything was a virus (i.e., Task Manager).
  2. User attempted to purchase the software/program but the process was halted by the CC company — lucky for the client.
  3. Virus Protection was present and installed – McAfee SecurityCenter (all items were on).
  4. Client had no idea where/how the virus was introduced.
  5. IE history was blown away, so no traces were present.
  6. User was running Windows 7 Home at Administrator level (not good)
  7. Updates the registry (of course)
  8. Makes mention of ‘jet brains s.r.o’ – don’t know what that’s about.
  9. Removal instructions are posted on ‘Trojan Killer’.  Performed the manual removal with ease.  Thanks Trojan Killer!