iPad Clean Up

My iPad is full – how to start keeping your iPad ‘clean’

iPad clean | vail computer repair | coloradoBy ‘clean’, we mean that you need to work WITH your iPad (not against it!) on a regular basis to be sure that it isn’t full (your data used up) or that the software becomes too far out-of-date.  Our personal preference is to also keep the iPad itself clean – the screen and exterior shell.

Our experience is that your iPad should not, at this point in time, be used as a storage device for all of your music, photos and videos.  It’s designed, in our opinion, to be used as a viewing and playing device for such things as:

  • email – look at your email, respond.  Do not plan on storing all email there however.
  • documents
  • Apps
  • internet pages
  • Podcasts
  • Some of your photos and music (not all!)
  • videos (we like storing some of our workout videos on our iPad for easy portability)

So, with your photos and videos, treat you iPad like a nice camera or video recorder that also has the capability of making calls and using the vast features of the internet.  With your camera, you would connect it to your computer regularly to copy the photos and videos from it to your computer for storage, organization and sharing. The iPad is the same as your camera – really.

Manage your photos and videos when they can be sensibly organized in your mind.  The longer you delay, the more polluted our iPad will become and you’ll forget which photos belong to what event.

If the iPad storage becomes full, it can be a real challenge and can become very costly to get yourself running again.

Signs that it’s time to clean up your iPad

  • iCloud backup stops working
  • You have been taking photos and videos of people or events and didn’t copy those items to your computer
  • You are unable to install IOS updates

Steps to always follow

  • After each photo or event you’ve attended, copy the photos and videos to your computer.  Then move them to OneDrive, iCloud, DropBox or whatever storage solution you like.
  • Remove the photos and videos from your iPad
  • Organize them on the computer into folders or events (iPhoto).  Organize them by date, name or whatever makes sense in your personal organization system.

Delete an album. You can delete any albums that you have created on your iPad. Deleting an album will not delete any of the images in it. You cannot delete albums that were synced from your computer (see the next section).

  • To delete an album, open the Albums page in the Photos app. Tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner, and then tap the “X” button in the corner of the album you want to delete. Images will be returned to their original location (Camera Roll, My Photo Stream, etc.).