Webmail, Mac Mail, Outlook or other

What is the best way to manage my email?

This is a question we’ll see if we can answer by providing pros and cons of each method of managing email.  As we become more mobile in our lifestyle, it appears very smart to use Webmail rather than Mac Mail, Outlook or otherwise.  Let’s have a closer look. [Read more…]

Apple – Mac Mail not sending and receiving – IMAP

Mac Mail – IMAP not working

Funny.  Since converting from POP to IMAP (to support allowing us to manage our email on our Mac Computer, iPhone, iPad and Windows Computer), we routinely have issues where Mac Mail just stops sending and receiving email.  I was attributing this, without basis, to a problem with my ISP or email host.  No pattern whatsoever that we have seen so far.  Some days it works.  Some days not.  We’ve done some research and found the following.  We saw the problem today, tried this approach, and Mac Mail immediately started working again.  There may be problems here as it’s only been tried once.  Thus, this is a start until Apple happens to resolve the issue automagically.

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Email Settings – Setup your email


Settings vary based on the version of Outlook you are using.  The version differences are outside the scope of this document for now.


GMAIL – IMAP – For IMAP users, look here


Outlook 2010 – Godaddy settings


This is a topic of it’s own and we are working on it here.