Shared Calendars with Godaddy

Using Calendars with Godaddy

The mission:

Find a calendaring system that will allow people to share a calendar AND have it updated on their respective computers and phones.  Budget should be observed and ease of use must be present.  Reminders and alerts should be present also.  Wireless synchronization is a must.


1. You have your own Godaddy account

2. You have a domain that you can apply the calendar too (i.e.,

3. You want to share your calendar across all platforms — Outlook, iCal (Mac OS), iPhones

4. You’re ok with sharing the calendar under one email versus another (i.e., under the wife’s email versus the husband’s — you can overcome the ego issues).

Benefits of a shared calendar:

1. No need to email notices if everyone is looking at the same calendar.  Notices appear as they are added.

2. Other : by having your own domain for calendar sharing, it allows you to also have a domain for email (versus using gmail, hotmail or otherwise).  Also with your own domain, and if you use a provider like Godaddy, you’ll have access to phone support (which you don’t get with Google, Hotmail/MSN and others).

1. Gmail – doesn’t integrate well and requires the business version (it appears) to have the updates flow to your phone.

2. Exchange – would do the trick, but Godaddy requires an ‘all or none’ approach with Exchange email.  Thus, most people won’t go this way — especially for home use.

Godaddy has calendaring in their services and, depending on your setup, you may have free access to use the tool.  We have the calendaring option since we own so many domains and services.


1. You need to have a Godaddy account (or email) to be setup as someone that can update the calendar.

x. Outlook isn’t cooperative with sharing calendars — you can view your calendar but not update it.  The CALDAV approach is not well integrated (if at all really) into Outlook and it’s not clear if it will ever be (just don’t understand that from Microsoft — there must be a bigger strategy at play here).

2. You can synchronize the calendar to your iPhone (not sure about a ‘group’ calendar though).

Synchronizing your iPhone to the calendar (CALDAV)

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Tap Other.
  5. Tap Add CalDAV Account.
  6. Complete the following fields, and then tap Next.
    • Server — Type
    • User Name — Enter your Calendar user name, which is your email address.
    • Password — Enter your Calendar password.
    • Description — Enter a name for your Calendar to display on your phone.
  7. Tap Save (there may be a requirement to accept the server certificate — watch for this)
You must publish or share your calendar in Godaddy to allow it to be opened in Outlook.
Login to your email account (where you gain access to your Calendar) and open the Calendar.
Click on the Action button to ‘Enable Publish URL’.
Login from the computer which has Outlook (this allows you to COPY the convoluted URL to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into Outlook).

Migrate or Transfer from Godaddy to Google Apps?

Migrate away from Godaddy solutions to Google?

Frequently there is the thought of moving from your current email or hosting provider to another (say from Godaddy to Google).  Maybe price is the reason or maybe functions are needed.

For this study, we personally looked at moving one of our domains from Godaddy to Google.  The primary motivator was to allow my partner and I to easily share a calendar.

As background, we are each iPhone users.  She uses a Windows 7 computer with Outlook for her email, calendar and contacts.  I use an iMac with Mac Mail and fantastic integration with iCloud.

Good things about moving:

1. Google Docs are quite nice to have but the format is inclined toward the Google document formats.  If it were simply a place to share your various files, that would be better.

2. There is shared calendaring

3. Email is easy to use and powerful if you want to get away from a software program and get yourself more mobile (i.e., move away from Outlook and to a web based solution).

Bad things about moving:

1. Google has no phone support.  Believe it or not, that is a real challenge when you’re having an issue.

2. The documents are in Google format which can be mentally challenging.

3. If you choose a domain during the process that you find you don’t like later, it’s not a matter of clicking a ‘change primary domain’ button (for whatever reason).  You have to create a new account and start over (losing any calendar entries or whatever that were created).

4. Web based email can’t embed pictures.  Many like to send an embedded photo inside the body of an email.  While this may have issues with other variations, Outlook does a pretty good job with this.

4. The price isn’t cheap ($50/user/year).  Godaddy blows this away.


Computer backup – save your data..please!

Computer Backup – A discussion and a plea…

Forgot to backup my computer - Vail computer support and repair

Generally speaking, when we talk with clients about [Read more…]

Switch to a Mac?

To buy a Mac or not to buy a Mac

Vail Colorado Computer Support, Repair and Sales - Apple iMac

Considering the switch from Windows to MacOS?  Thinking about adding a Mac to your household or business?  So far, they’re great systems.

Some questions to consider:

  • Laptop or Desktop?
  • Do you need to keep Windows?
  • Are you a Microsoft Office user (there is a specific version for Mac OS)?
  • Does the learning experience terrify you?  You’ll have to spend some time with your new system.
  • Do you live near an Apple store?

Desktop – iMac

We tried the iMac and have simply loved it. The sleek design and the all-in-one approach is fantastic.  Our only complaint is the lack of USB ports.  With an iPhone, iPod, keyboard, mouse and and external hard drive for backup, you’re out of slots.  Using the USB hubs just doesn’t work so well and the external hard drive is constantly polled to see if it’s awake — a slight/minor annoyance.  Well worth the money we spent on the system.  The only problem so far were a failed hard drive (don’t know what happened there) and a problematic microphone port.


Vail Colorado Computer Support, Repair and Sales - Apple iMac

Clean your computer

Although you may be nervous about cleaning your computer, it needs to occur.  A standard home vacuum cleaner works in most cases if you use a dust attachment.

Computer Cleaning and maintenance - Vail Colorado

Dust accumulation around a cooling fan.

Guidelines to cleaning your computer

  1. Turn the equipment off – turn off our computer or television and ensure that it is not connected to power.  This helps to ensure you don’t get shocked or cause an issue with electrical discharge.
  2. Be gentle – take it easy if you vacuum your system or keyboard.  Do not vacuum your monitor as you may accidentally scratch it.
  3. Use correct cleaning solution – only use a cleaning solution that is labelled appropriately and that your computer retail outlet recommends.
Many of you might use ‘canned air’ for dust removal.  We find that if you’re not careful, you might accidentally dispense the liquid component of the material.  We have not see any issues from such, but wanted to mention that the vacuum approach seems to do a better job of REMOVAL while ‘canned air’ seems to send the dust further into the system which you are actually trying to clean.

Managing your purchase

After the purchase of a computer

If you decided to purchase a new computer or technical component, ensure you do what we call ‘managing the purchase’.

Recently we received a laptop in a box that looked like the following.  In the end, the laptop did not work on a wireless connection and we sent it back (as the process to get support was too costly for our client).  Our advice after an hour of trying to use the equipment was to send it back and start over!

This box had a laptop inside...

The laptop that came in this box, ultimately, did not work.

By this, we mean that it’s imperative that you check your equipment to ensure that it works properly.  If you find issues, report them to the vendor immediately.  They seem to plan on you being lazy and/or forgetting.  Don’t fall prey to this as you will inevitably regret it.

If you have a warranty on your equipment, USE IT!  We like warranties and when we see issues we report them immediately for resolution.  You can never be sure whether or not you are working on something that would extend the life of your computer or technical component for a much longer time.

To summarize, if you notice problems, address them immediately.  In the end, you’ll most likely save a few dollars.