How to search in Windows 7 Search? Not as easy as the old way…

A link to a location for help with Windows searching. I find that I use the size value to locate large files on a hard drive — to help people clean up their systems.


Windows XP version of Solitaire

With Windows 8, for some reason, we have experienced increasing calls to locate the Windows XP version of Solitaire.  Personally, I think the new version in Windows 8 does not look so bad, but that is my opinion.

Apparently, we only need to copy SOL.EXE and CARDS.DLL from Windows XP (c:\windows\system32) to our Windows 8 hard drive (C) and then run it.


Put both files in the same folder, but don’t put them into the System32 folder ’cause they’ll wipe out the Windows 7 version of the program.

To run the program, just double-click the “Sol.exe” file. You can create a shortcut to the file on your desktop or pin the program to the taskbar or start menu.


cards.dll (will need to rename it once downloaded to cards.dll — currently has a TXT file extension).



Impact Computers and Electronics – Do not buy from these guys

Now we’ve seen it ourselves.

Today, 8/10/12, we purchased replacement parts for a Dell laptop from a company called Impact Computers and Electronics.  We purchased two Dell parts online.  Transaction went smoothly.

3 minutes after the purchase, an attempt was made to use my credit card for a computer purchase ($500) from Dell computers.

I talked with Sales and Sales Supervision and Impact Computers denied everything — they are responsible for nothing.  It’s just a coincidence and it was our fault for being careless.

I use a Mac with Norton Internet Security installed.

It was a disgusting customer experience.  Sure, I was angry and the sales team at Impact Computers just took it personally and were of absolutely no help.

Find your parts somewhere else and shop more safely.  My credit card had to be cancelled because of this annoyance and Impact Computers took no responsibilty nor had any concern.

Needless to say, I cancelled my order.

Apple – General Questions and answers


“iCloud is Apple’s service that stores your music, photos, apps, contacts, calendars, and more, and wirelessly pushes them to all your iOS devices and computers. iCloud integrates seamlessly with your apps, so everything happens automatically.

Before you can use iCloud, you need to sign up for an iCloud account on a device running iOS 5 or a Mac running OS X Lion v10.7.2, and then turn on the iCloud services you want to use on each of your iOS devices and Mac or Windows computers.”

Visit the iCloud web site here

Bonjour Services for Windows

Bonjour Print Services for Windows lets you discover and configure Bonjour-enabled printers from your Windows computer using the Bonjour Printer Wizard.”

Our experience with this is seeing it in the Windows 7 error logs on a frequent basis.  Lately, event 100. (1/24/12)

Netflix Entertainment

While we are disgusted with the recent stock performance of Netflix, we are still fans of the product and the way it works.

Once you decide to use the service, you have the option of watching movies or whatever they offer through either your television or computer.

Through our televisions, we use the Roku solution since it has a remote and interacts not only with Netflix but with other forms of entertainment (i.e., Hulu).  The Roku connects to your television and sound system to provide a great viewing solution for the television.

When on the road, we generally watch Netflix content on our Macbook.  We also maintain a DVD subscription to use in cases where the internet connection won’t work (or if you’re out of the US — we visited Germany and were unable to watch Netflix content).

Setup is a snap and the service works well providing you have a good internet connection.  We currently use Comcast for internet service and rarely have issues viewing Netflix content.  Before you embark on the use of internet ‘streaming’ (sending you a movie, in pieces, across the internet), ensure your internet connection works well and that you have a good wireless router (if you’re using wireless that is — Roku can go wired or wireless).

Never dive into anything like this without research to find the pros and cons.  Feel free to contact us if you think we can help.

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